As Marilyn, Camille will sing to your birthday boy (or CEO) that famous song 'acapella' - just as the real Marilyn did for the late JFK. She will then ask the entire party to join her in a gleeful birthday chorus of 'Happy Birthday".

It doesn't stop there. Marilyn will then invite her birthday guest to join her in a romantic 'rumba' dance as she flirts and coos away-she'll capture quite a few "Kodak moments" with your bashful birthday boy. She may even plant a big birthday kiss on his forehead!

After the dance lesson, Marilyn will sing a song of your choice from her song list (perhaps, Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend). As she sings and dances, Marilyn will keep the audience entertained, as they will surely feel included and special.

Finally, Marilyn will pass out special surprises to the party guests and pose for pictures if requested. She will finish the birthday surprise with a short closing song 'Bye Bye Baby'. Marilyn will then disclose the name of the sender (if it is a singing telegram) with the birthday boy and the other party guests. In the end, all will be delightfully pleased. Once the enchanting Marilyn has entertained at your party, people will talk of her legendary visit for years to come.

List of Songs: