Camille will take your special Birthday person back in time to a younger America when the Queen of the American musical reigned! Her empire was of course 'the Great White way'. This Brassy Broadway Diva will belt out your choice of her all time favorites to a captive and joyous audience. She will then (if celebrating a birthday) sing a cheery 'Happy Birthday' number to your birthday guy or gal. She may also want them to join her on a Love Boat episode, with the 'captain's hat' placed firmly on their head. She'll then invite them to sing the theme song with her. Party guests will love the anything goes attitude and comical banter.

Afterwards Ethel will give the special guest an autographed card complete with any birthday message the sender would like to include. She will also pose for pictures with the guest of honor, as well as other party patrons.

If you or your special guest love the remembering the Golden Era of American Entertainment and Song, The you'll love having 'La Merm' at your next event.

List of Songs:

Photos taken by Tony Stroh Photography.