As Cher - Camille will burst into the room in grand 'Cher' fashion. She will then seek out the Birthday person and proceed to sing a special Happy Birthday number asking for "special assistance" from the other party guests. This will involve some interesting dance moves as well as audience participation and fun.

Cher will then sing "Do You Believe In Life After 39 (or whatever age the birthday person will be)" a hilarious parody of her hit song.

Next Cher will outfit the birthday man or woman as her Sonny Bono complete with love beads, wig and a mustache, and invite them to sing everyone's favorite song, "I Got You Babe". Cher will then let everyone in on the great news, sharing with the crowd exactly who sent her.

Lastly, Cher will pose for pictures with the party guests and the birthday boy or girl. The darling diva will then sing a special good-bye sharing a familiar joke or two before leaving for her 'recording session'. Everyone will love Camille's rendition of a rather sassy Cher. Perfect for 70's theme parties.

List of Songs:

Photos taken by Tony Stroh Photography.